Break Boards. Build Character.


Your kids will learn self-discipline, gain confidence, & become bullyproof by training with Durham’s best Karate instructors.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our students and to build confidence, self-respect, character, integrity, and humility in an honest respectful environment.
Our classes focus on traditional Karate practices. They start with light meditation, followed by a warm-up. Typically the students work through drills of Kihon (techniques), Kata (patterns of techniques), and kumite (sparring). Our students are taught to control their technique and do not strike other students. There are kids beginner and advanced classes, as well as adult and family classes. Classes typically have multiple black belt instructors who can tailor the lessons directly to the grade level and ability level of the student.
There are many styles and forms of Karate. Shotokan Karate is the traditional and most authentic form of Karate, and the Harmony Center is the only member Karate club in Durham Region of the International Karate Association (IKA), headed by Kancho (Director) Takemasa Okuyama, 9th Dan.


Our Sensei’s have gone through extensive training, as Karate for many has been a lifelong pursuit. We have 2 sixth dans and 5 fourth dans as part of the club, as well as another 5 to 10 black belts active at any time.

Karate Grading 2

Our students range from kids to adults, with almost every ability level imaginable, including some students with special needs. We tailor our classes and our lessons to the needs of the student. If they need encouragement, they get it. If they need a challenge, they get it. If they need to learn focus and discipline, they get it. We encourage our students to work towards achieving higher levels of progress and gradings. We have a number of students who have progressed to the black belt stage in their early teens. Our students work hard, but they also have fun. They make life-long friends. And they build character.