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Kids After School Program with Effective Results

Welcome to
Our Family


In a class of its own

Our KASPER members are second to no one! You get access to any karate class in our membership, and number one priority for any event.

If you're looking for a safe place to leave your kids after school, look no further, because the KASPER community welcomes you with open arms!



Get Picked up

One of our busses will pick up your kids from school and safely transport them to the dojo. Anytime between 2:30-4, our fleet will be on the road all across Pickering and Ajax!


get Dropped Off

On arrival, our students are escorted out of the vans and sanitize their hands before entering the building. They then put their belongings away neatly.

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Grab a Snack

Every day, the kids are entitled to a healthy snack and juice box. Our snacks range from fresh fruit to healthy munchies to give the kids a fresh variety. 


Play/work Time

Once snack time is finished, the kids have free time where they can participate in organized games or make their own fun!  The sky is the limit when it comes to creating our own unique games!

Meanwhile, some students choose to spend their time doing unfinished school work. Our volunteers are always ready to help students with their homework.

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Karate Class

At 4:00 the kids change into their uniforms, put on their belts and get ready for class! Our KASPER Karate classes are a great introduction to the basics of karate.


Home Time

from 5:00-5:30 the students will have time to put on their bags and shoes and await your arrival.

Note: We understand some people can't make it by 5:30. If that is the case, we can compensate for that!

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