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Celebrate A Birthday Or Special Event, Harmony Style!

Become a Kid Again

Our signature Harmony Center parties provide fun for everyone there. We choose to not limit all the fun to just the kids. For select games, the parents and spectators are invited to join in! All of our games are suited for all ages. Certain activities depend on the average age of the group.

We have an open concept style party, where you spend as little time in a room with cake and pizza and as much time on the floor playing! You can choose to have the standard sports and activities party, or you can throw karate into the mix and make it a martial arts party. 

A Party
For The Whole Family

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What We Do

Customize Your Party To Your Liking

Keep Your Food Fresh

We provide complimentary access to a fridge and microwave and welcome all kinds of food!

Design Your Party

Decorate the dojo however you want. Bring in plates and cups or even a Piniata!

Send Us Your Playlist

Play whatever music you would like! Send us your preferred Spotify playlists.

For More Information

Please Contact Us

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